T-shirt Drum with built-in speaker!

A touch sensitive drum T-shirt with built-in speaker!

Are you one of those people who feel the need to air drum to their favorite song? Are you constantly drumming on your desk with your pens or ruler?

Why not get yourself an Electronic Touch Drum T-Shirt instead? The Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt is a touch sensitive drum T-shirt with built-in speaker, so you can belt out a rampant rhythm that sounds just like the real thing.


A survival tool for creating a tool of survival

Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, Swedish FireSteel is a flash of genius. Its nearly 3,000°C spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of armies around the world, Swedish FireSteel's dependability has already made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers. It has also found its way into cabins and backyards as a fool-proof way to light stoves and gas-barbecues.

Pop-Screen: Floating image & shape free display

     Pop-Screen: Floating image & shape free display

POP Screen has a transparent material (glass, acrylic) showing a promotional video on the attached screen like floating in the air. It is a strong impression and holding the customer's attention effectively. The screen shape (symbol logo, product type, service features) of POP Screen can be designed freely. Customer's interest is maximized their memory induced by delivering an active video image.

- Available to install in-store anywhere(table, floor, ceiling, shop windows, shelves, showcases)
- Easy to install within 5 to 10 minutes
- Easy to switch to promotional digital video from video, image, PPT, etc.
- Excellent High-Intensity images and 180 wide viewing angle at the night, even in daytime
- Mini beam available for full HD video by USB 2.O port
- Built in semi-permanent LED light Projector

Wi-fi Shirt

Wi-fi Shirt that illuminates signal strength!

If you are not carrying a Wi-fi enabled mobile phone and hate to turn on the laptop computer just to check if there’s a wireless network around, try this Wi-Fi enabled Tee Shirt. The Wi-fi shirt, made of pure cotton, can detect wireless networks in your vicinity and displays the signal strength as animated glowing bars as shown in the picture.
This Wi-Fi detector, that works with 802.11b or 802.11g networks, requires three AAA batteries and you can detach this unit from the T-Shirt to avoid any damage at the time of washing.
Really cool item for gadget lovers.

X-Mini Capsule Speaker

The X-Mini Capsule Speaker is the solution for people who want volume from a laptop portable audio device that either doesn’t have a speaker or has tiny speakers that aren’t up to the job of delivering a wide dynamic response at reasonable listening volume.
Pocket-sized speaker with universal protective hooded top style case. Designed to fit the iPod Nano 3G and other similar MP3 players, this case protects your precious MP3 player with style and attitude!
And if you want some extra amplification for your tunes, a unique mini-speaker with amplification and a built-in rechargeable battery is included in the package. The X-Mini is a compact speaker system that’s compatible with all iPod models, MP3 players and other devices with a 3.5mm headphone or USB port.
Small enough to slip into your pocket, it provides a massive sound for such a tiny device.

Foldable Kitchen Scale

If having a kitchen scale hanging on the wall as a clock was a bit much for you, this foldable scale goes for a minimal approach.  It allows for you to keep that counter space that you love having, while still making it so that you don’t have to stash it in a deep dark corner of a cabinet.  Not only does it fold up, but it’s capable of making storage even easier by hanging on a towel or utensil rack.
Once it’s all folded up it’s not a whole lot bigger than one of your spice shakers.  It comes with a storage case, which is how you can hang the scale on a cupboard handle or any other rack you have handy in the kitchen.  It also has a digital clock and timer built into it, which makes having it out even more practical.  With this you could get rid of your kitchen timer if you didn’t want to take up any of your kitchen space.

Solar Laptop Charger

Power your laptop anywhere the sun shines!

Power your laptop when you’re away from the power lines. Max 14 watt PV modules provide enough power to run and/or charge most laptop computers including nearly all Macintosh as well as PC laptops requiring DC connectors as SONY, SAMSUNG, LENOVO and so on. Anywhere you go, just unfold the solar array, put it in the sunshine, plug in to the adapter and you’re set.

Cool item for laptop lovers


Ultrasonic Moisturizing Spray

As we become older, our skin becomes drier and fine wrinkles appear.
Women especially begin to lose the vitality and beauty that is symbolic of femininity.

Ultrasonic Moisturizing Spray helps to prevent facial wrinkles and dryness.

It is designed to spray liquid cosmetics and nutrients evenly in fine particles on the face, neck, and chest in ultrasonic waves. By supplying nutrition to the skin directly, moisturization improves.

You can use the portable moisturizing spray anytime, anywhere.
Feel the softness as it sprays fine particles like mist. And its absorption ability is excellent, so you don’t have to worry about your make up running after spraying.


Smallest Camera (HD Edition)

Smallest Camera (HD Edition)

Designed to look like a mini version of a professional DSLR camera, miniature camera is awesome and still serves as a high-quality digital video recorder and camera images - and guaranteed to attract attention more than the full size.

This small device is equipped with 2.0-megapixel image sensor, microSD card slot (2GB included), a built-in microphone, USB port, built-in 140mAh lithium polymer battery is rechargeable and has the ability to capture 640 x 480p video at 30fps in AVI format.

    - Records audio and video to micro SD card (2GB included)
    - From the factor makes it ideal as a mini spy camera worldâ € ™ s Smallest Camera (HD Edition)

Designed to look like mini versions of professional DSLR cameras, miniature cameras are still functioning as an amazing video recorders and high-quality digital camera images - and guaranteed to attract attention more than the full measure of co!

This small device is equipped with 2.0-megapixel image sensor, microSD card slot (2GB included), a built-in microphone, USB port, built-in 140mAh lithium polymer battery is rechargeable and has the ability to capture 640 x 480p video at 30fps in AVI format.

Pistol Revolver USB Flash Drive

It looks like a revolver pistol, but Revolver Gun USB Flash Drive. Instead gun can store images, video, applications, documents, and other computer files. Perfect for fans of the gun, second amendment fanatics, and that everyone likes to say "Go ahead ... make my day!"

This revolver pistol-shaped USB flash drive comes in three versions, with the only difference in the capacity of the data. There are 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB versions.


Super Slim Keyboard

Super slim keyboard and the buttons are very flexible!

This keyboard has 126 keys in standard QWERTY layout, a beautiful touch to most portable keyboards today. You can roll it and fold it.
A great tool for laptop users while on the road, ease lifting


Icechest Umbrella holder

People in  vacation time outdoors usually brings icechest and their umbrella. Difficult to support an umbrella and make it stand vertically in the ground. With an umbrella Icechest will make it integrated with an umbrella holder. Holders have different coping mechanisms in dealing with a trunk diameter of umbrella.

Temporary Seat Cover

Cover while the seat is a proprietary product that serves as a protective coating for the seat. Absorb sweat from the body of the return of their activities. This tool is made ​​from sweat absorbent and washable, portable, making it easier to move.

Saving Basket ball

Basketball is a storage product that helps coaches and basketball players to practice with ease. It works up to the basketball and can be moved with ease. This product can also be used by volleyball players.

Square Tie six hanger

Hanger and tie hanger pocket is used to hold the tie 6. That makes an organized closet and allows the user to obtain a good match. This product is ideal for traveling. Easily fits into a garment bag and keep it organized. Ties snugly fit into the product without the opportunity to fall down

Hydraulic Umbrella

 Hydraulic Umbrella with a unique design and mechanism does away with the conventional mechanism to open and close the umbrella.

  It proposes a system (air driven) hydraulic. At the bottom of the shaft, in the space filled with water, the plunger and piston arrangement. Movement required to open and close the umbrella canopy.

Made transparent water chamber is filled with colored water and glitter balls and small size. With this umbrella you do not have to worry about drops of water that will spill if placed because it has been specially designed water reservoir


Pen Dictionary

A unique pen with a view to an integrated dictionary with voice or speech recognition system when writing, if someone comes up with an unknown word and want to know the meaning, he should just say the word and pen to give meaning. Very supportive of someone to be able to understand a variety of languages ​​by writing it down

Dispenser Gum

.This is an amazing tool that is a very practical

A stick of gum dispenser includes a container generally has a slot therein for removing chewing gum. You can press the button and the candy would come out automatically

Alert System Blind Spot

Innovative design for the Alert System Blind Spot. Driver alert / warning sign to any vehicle approaching the driver when they try to change lanes. This indicator light and alarm will sound to quickly make the driver aware of possible dangers. Additional safety features of the device is its ability to detect small children behind the vehicle when the driver tried to reverse the vehicle.

Solar Powered BagPack

Imagine this. You are walking on the streets, going to work and your laptop is charging. You are on your way to the mall to do your shopping and your cell phone is charging.
How? This solar backpack has a built in solar panel attached to the front of the bag which absorbs the sun’s energy and converts this energy into an electrical charge stored in a power pack inconspicuously hidden inside in the bag.
Just connect your gadget to the charger and you will never be in danger of losing battery again.
Equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, a headphones access slot, a variety of adapters including Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Siemens mobile phones and a mini USB connector, your solar backpack is the complete get up and go bag


At long last! You can kick the tar and nicotine that keep you addicted to real cigarettes...and keep the satisfaction of smoking!
E-Cigarette looks, feels and smokes just like a real cigarette, but has none of the harmful substances found in real cigarettes. It emits a virtually odorless vapor that simulates actual smoke, but dissipates quickly in the air.
It's a battery operated cigarette alternative that produces no fire and is safe to use just about anywhere. Airlines, hospitals, and restaurants can now embrace the E-Cigarette as a way to allow customers to safely smoke without the danger of fire or annoying other people nearby.

Remote LED with multifuction Colour

Light-emitting diode is a cool tool and has been found and used in so many places - traffic lights, standard light sockets and high-powered flashlight. Multi-Color Ball LED lights are super bright LED lights that can transition through dozens of color and brightness combinations and is compatible with standard light bulb socket. Including IR remote can select an individual color or brightness level or choose one of four different transition effects. Great for mood lighting, decorating, parties or special lighting environments.
Have multiple brightness level settings and four transition effects (long pause on each color, short pause, slow fade between colors, faster fade). Light generated from the 3 Watt LED.

Sushi Robotic (Sushibot)

For the people of Japan, sushi is not just food, but it has become the art of cultivating the earth. It took a long process to become a sushi chef Shokunin or, even up to ten years or more.

However, a company in Japan made ​​a breakthrough with SushiBot. This is a sushi-making machine is lightning, which can produce 3600 dots rice, the main ingredient of sushi in one hour.

The machine will take a pile of rice from the container and shape it into an oval. Then, placed in containers that move automatically. Then, a piece of fish will be placed on top of rice. Nigiri sushi was immediately ready to be enjoyed.

There are also a medium sized machine, which can produce 300 About a rice oval within an hour. The process from start to form rice, rolled with seaweed and fish, to be a sushi takes about 12 seconds.

This Sushibot sophistication, as reported from foxnews.com, disclosed this week in the event of the World Food and Beverage Great Expo 2012 in Tokyo. Parties of Suzumo, the company that produces Sushibot claims that it is capable of creating the taste of sushi that is not inferior to that made ​​by a sushi chef.

Electronic Insect Killer

Electronic insect killer is just what you need to remove pesky insects from the guest list at the next picnic or outdoor get-togethers.

Safely destroy a variety of flying insects without using chemicals, sprays, or poisons that are harmful to the environment. Come completely assembled and ready to use, simply plug into a standard electrical socket and. Durable, high-intensity black light provide maximum luring power to kill mosquitoes, moths, plants, insects, flies, and mites.

Suitable for use around the home or commercial venues, including the food preparation area :)

Rollup Piano

Real digital piano can  rooll up ... You can save it in your bag.

The new First World Piano is not only the name but it provides the ultimate in portability keyboard. Touch sensitive keys are made of flexible rubber and you can roll up and take it wherever you want music. Roll Up Piano including battery and A / C adapter. It's really fun to play and make a big motivation or practice ideas.

Roll Up Piano features including a built in speaker with volume control, and 100 instrument sounds including piano, organ, horns, and strings

Energy Saving : Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters-also called solar domestic hot water systems where it can be cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use-sun-free.

Solar water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collectors. There are two types of solar water heating systems: active, which has been circulating pumps and controls, and passive, which do not.

Solar water heaters are most in need of well-insulated storage tank. Solar storage tanks have an additional outlet and inlet connected to and from the collector. In two-tank systems, solar water heater preheats water before it enters the conventional water heater. In one-tank system, the backup heater combined with solar storage in one tank....

Play with Notebook

Notebook here is not as you imagine

Here notebook is designed specifically with the size and sizenya thus forming a unique game compared to the traditional game 

Shower Disco LED

 Funky once for a shower that has a disco mood!

No need to keep your ordinary bath will change, everything would be needed - is to replace your shower head with a new real. imagine that the lights change color according to temperature of the water!

With the rise in water temperature will also change color automatically. When the temperature varies between 33 ° C - 41C blue light is on, when 42 ° c - 45 ° c is the light turn red, when the temperature is below 32 ° c - a shower of fresh green you! Can also help users to understand is a good temperature


Solar-powered Water Pumping

Solar-powered water pumping systems are designed to pump water from boreholes, wells, lakes or rivers where electric or diesel power is unavailable or unreliable.
And is designed to operate without human intervention in remote parts of the world. Environmentally friendly system can run for years without maintenance. The design is simple, robust and service ensures minimal maintenance requirements, saving time and money.
The system is also designed for harsh conditions and is suitable for use in Mediterranean countries, Australia and Africa to meet the needs of rural water supply, livestock and agricultural irrigation.
large items that function to preserve the environment.

Flying Alarm

When the alarm clock you can fly with this tool, he began to take off into the air.

Flying Alarm Clock will keep you awake with a loud shrieking alarm coupled with the propeller-driven small jump from your desk. To turn off this terrible racket, you have to get out of bed and take the key. High-flying propeller lock into the water or off to some dusty corner.

You have to force you to be awake to sleep, move the legs stiff and take the key before the alarm goes off.


Shoelace LED

Fiber optic LED rope walking shoes!

Shoelace flash with your every move. This is the same function-general shoelace tying shoelaces and belt, but it makes you feel excited with a flash light. Let the light laces you with every step you! This can be used in bars, discos, function words and outdoor.dapat season helps users to understand is a good temperature.

Clock with Spy Camera

This product is the first high-definition digital Hidden Camera Clock with motion detection and camera-equipped clock, TF card memory, aslo known as "family security clock", can shoot photos and high-definition screen.

It is small, simple and exquisite, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, the family security, education, life and other areas of essential utilities, deeply liked by all users of all ages.

Naildrayer Monkey

This cute monkey can dry your nail varnish the fast and fun! There is no nice way to dry your nails rather than the Blow Monkey Nail Dryer is adorable. Simply paint your nails and then press the banana button, and this funky little primates, it will blow cold air flow into your nails to get them nice and dry. The size of 11cm, this nail polish dryer will fit perfectly in your dresser and small enough to carry on your journey. The two AAA batteries supplied with the drying nail polish, so all you have to do it sit back and relax as your nails dry in front of your eyes. This will be a great gift for any girl who likes to be glamorous. 

USB Drum Kit

A new pride and great for lovers play the drums!

This USB roll-up drum kit on a flat surface, you can play the drum with drum sticks included, or just use your hands and practice, either way, this USB drum kit will give you endless joy for people of all ages.

     This device includes six different pad areas (snare, kick & two toms). Simply install the included software, plug your kit, and let the music lady. This software will allow you to control and select various sounds programmed for each pad. You can choose between 50 percussion sounds, 20 preprogrammed percussion sets and 100 preprogrammed beats. You can select the 'learning mode' and play along with some of the beats were recorded and put your laptop or pc

USB Charger Baterai

 Fill out anywhere from a USB powered can be accessed and used as a normal battery.

With USBCELL you can recharge your battery from the USB port powered, at home, on trips, or in the office. There are more than 2 billion USB ports around the world on your desktop, laptop, hubs, game consoles and even the keyboard and monitor. No need to carry cables, adapter plugs or more trips.

These batteries can be recharged offer more freedom than a rechargeable battery that takes an average battery charger, as this can be charged via the USB port. USB ports can be found on most laptops and computers. USBCELL batteries can be charged when your out and about from your laptop.

Sensorik Headphone Motoric

Sometimes, you might just want to listen to music in peace, undisturbed by passers-by or the ad is visually distracting, and the events surrounding the technology. That's when you need a pair of headphones OneSense concept that not only cover your ears, but also in your eyes. Designs and bright red nail scary will surely make people think twice before approaching you.

OneSense headphones were created by designer Joe Doucet and will be exhibited at the show Meet My Project in Milan, Italy, April 17-21.

USB Microscope

It turns your computer into a great tool for microscopic exploration!
USB Digital Microscope Optics & help you see the little things either through a USB connection to your computer or by looking through the lens of ordinary optical lens included. It allows you to capture images or video and has a built-in LED for illumination.
Simply plug in and it brings the image on your computer screen from any point on a microscope looks slick - you will not even have to strain your neck peering into the dusty lens, everything is on your monitor in full color and with up to 500x magnification.

Spoon / Fork Fold

Made from Titanium material, spoon / fork can be folded and easily dikantongin wherever you will go.

This is a practical equipment which is used at the time  camping, sightseeing or traveling

Glasses Virtual Record

Glasses are designed to record
Compact and highly visible can replace a large triangular gear from the trunk of your car. It contains a strong magnet for placement on the vehicle, the vehicle will not damage your body. In addition, it can be placed safely on the ground or the highway.
The casing consists of super high strength plastic with flexible TPR plastic protector. The unit is strong enough to withstand driven over by a truck. Completely waterproof, it will even float. High capacity battery CR123 is used for power, built-in IC chip control LED flash with 9 user-selectable flash patterns......

Multifunction hanger at Car

Have you ever been stuck for some place to put your notebook, hamburger or soda in your car? This multi-function tray can be mounted to the steering wheel seat, passenger and rear seats and used as a table, providing a convenient place for notebook, groceries, food, drinks, and more.

Only 4 inches when folded up, the tray is easily installed and adjusted. It will fit any steering wheel or car seat.

Strippers for Vegetables and fruits

Safer and or messy than a chef's knife! Here are some kitchen tools are convenient and easy to use for feeding

* Cherry Pitter - to eliminate holes and other small cherry-stone fruits, such as olive. Cherry Pitter use would greatly reduce the time the kitchen for recipes such as cakes and candied cherries, such as removing the hole by hand can be very time consuming. * Corn Stripper - computer mouse shaped handle strippers and eroding teeth, sharp as a knife along the corn to remove some rows of kernels at a time, which falls neatly into the cup is attached. * Strawberry Slicer - This red strawberry-shaped slicer has stainless steel blades and slicing strawberries you will be perfectly even slices.

Heated tower Rack Electric

Warm your bathroom or kitchen towels after use.
Leave the towels on the heated towel racks and forget about washing and drying! It will also reduce the breed of bacteria and eliminate smell.
Suitable for installation as kitchen and/or bathroom towel racks.

Kitchen Timer !!

Keep track of cooking times even if you are far from the kitchen.
If you’ve got any budding chefs in your family these might make a great stocking stuffer or last-minute gift. These timers allow you to track the cooking times. The timer counts up or down and flashes or beeps when the times are up.
Great item for kitchen appliance.